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Deer Crest and its affiliated finance partners connect with businesses that require new equipment essential to the growth and expansion of their business. Our clients value the advantages of leasing equipment in place of exhausting cash to purchase the equipment outright. We provide flexible and tailored lease agreements on the equipment. 

How it works

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The Deer Crest Advantage

At Deer Crest Funding you will work directly with our executive team to structure your lease transaction tailored to your business needs.  We eliminate the middleman approach of working with a sales team and allow your direct access to decision makers and executive members. Thus saving your business precious time and capital as you expand and meet your Capital Expenditure requirements.


Here at Deer Crest Funding, we fast track the financing process, so you get funding rapidly. Our streamlined approval and diligent underwriting mean we can execute quickly and never leave you waiting when opportunities arise.


We bring precision and care to customizing equipment lease structures that align with your company’s financial circumstances and operating realities. Our accurate approach considers the nuances of your business to craft a tailored financing solution.


We understand priorities shift and business needs evolve. Our lease agreements build in flexibility to adjust with your changing circumstances so you maintain financial control and optionality as you grow.


At Deer Crest, we take pride in our reliability throughout the financing process to deliver on our promises to your business. From transparent terms to funding equipment orders without delays, you can trust in our commitment to impeccable implementation.


Our extensive industry experience equips us to offer highly competitive rates on equipment leases so you can optimize your capital investments. We leverage our financial expertise to provide rates that make strategic sense for your budget.


Deer Crest thinks outside the box to develop creative lease structures that support your company’s unique trajectory and equipment needs. Our innovative frameworks provide strategic advantages beyond standard lease offerings.

Lease Options

  • Tax Leases
  • Dollar Buyout Leases
  • Sale and Leaseback
  • Operating Leases
  • Seasonal Payment adjustments
  • Ture Leases
  • Progress Funding Leases
More leases are offered, inquire below to get started. 
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