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Deer Crest Funding

About Us

Founded in 2021, we are a private lending company specializing in equipment finance. With over 25 years of combined C-suite experience in insurance, real estate, and equipment finance, our leadership team brings deep expertise in structuring creative lending solutions for our clients’ capital equipment needs. We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and lending capabilities to craft customized financing packages to support businesses across diverse industries.

Why Choose Deer Crest Funding?

Industry Expertise!
Our Executive Leadership Team Has:



Medical Equipment


Why Choose

Deer Crest Funding?

Industry Expertise!

Our Executive Leadership Team Has:

20 Years of experience in the Equipment Leasing Industry

Successfully negotiated over $500 Million in equipment successful lease transactions since 2003.

Experienced leadership:  14 years in Executive Vice President roles and Vice Chairman roles of top leasing companies.

Building in the city center

The Deer Crest Advantage

At Deer Crest Funding you will work directly with our executive team to structure your lease transaction tailored to your business needs.  We eliminate the middleman approach of working with a sales team and allow your direct access to decision makers and executive members. Thus saving your business precious time and capital as you expand and meet your Capital Expenditure requirements.

Give us a call and Experience the Deer Crest Advantage!


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We serve a wide array of industries.  We offer leasing solutions on Specialized Medical Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles, Airplanes, Construction Equipment, Computers, Warehouse Equipment, Trailers, and many more.  Leasing structures allow businesses to finance their essential use assets needed to run their day to day business.

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